The Skuujo Conclave focuses on the fact whether Swachhta mission is really effective or not. The respected teachers and students (Swachhta Club Members) will share their experiences in this conclave. As we know that NDMC is taking so many efforts to improve the condition of its schools as well as NDMC areas. Each NDMC and Navyug school has formed its Swachhta Club and Eco Club to monitor the activities. Not only teachers but students are also part of these clubs.

In line with the ‘Swachhata Hi Sewa’ campaign announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, NDMC has planned a series of on-ground initiatives in NDMC areas. As part of the public awareness campaign, NDMC organizes education camps, Nukkad Natak, and conducts rallies in participation with Teachers and students to spread awareness about waste segregation at source and sustainable management of waste. The objective of the initiative is to create public education and awareness for improving hygiene, creating a cleaner and better environment so that there is a reduction in landfills.

So being a part of these initiatives, the Swachhta Club members must have collected some special memories which they would like to share with other people also. Skuujo Conclave is giving all of them a great opportunity to share their views on the mission.

We also welcome those talented students and teachers who have a hidden artist in them as they can demonstrate today’s condition in their words through poetry etc.

Each School also has to prepare a student (You can select more than one also) as a student journalist. She/he will report on the mission and will take a few interviews regarding the topic as Skuujo’s student journalist.

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